Most Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are passionate and entusiastic
when it comes to their product or service. People who take risks, forge their own path are inspiring. Through shear will and driven determination, entrepreneurs will do everything in their power to succeed.

This is where Joe comes in by providing small business owners with the knowledge to enable them to succeed. Just as athletes, actors, or musicians utilize coaches. Everyone from senior executives to everyday, ordinary Individuals utilize the services of a coach of some kind. Small business owners are no different. Running and operating a business is complicate and intricate. Having a coach to assist you is a sound business decision.

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With over 30 years of professional experience in corporate america and building his own companies Joe wanted to put his background to work and help people start their own business.

He wrote his first Business Matters book;
"Business Matters: New Business Idea! What Now?" Designed to walk the first time entrepreneur through the business start process. Then to follow up, he wrote a companion piece that expanded on the business section of "New Business Idea!". The Second book, "Business Matters: Strategic Blueprint; Crafting A Successful Business Plan"


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