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Joseph R. Cullen

Joe Cullen is a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur with an impressive track record of driving growth, innovation, and success across a diverse spectrum of industries. Having worked with well-over 150 business owners and executives, Joe has cemented his position as a leading authority in business development, strategic planning, and digital transformation. His multifaceted career spans authorship, entrepreneurship, professional sports marketing, and executive management, showcasing a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the modern business landscape.

A key facet of Joe's approach is his unwavering commitment to the fundamentals of business success, underscored by his K.I.S.(S) (Keep It Simple) philosophy. This approach is not just a motto but a structured methodology that Joe has meticulously developed and refined over years of hands-on experience. It encompasses everything from identifying the right idea and market to crafting the right plan and securing the right funding. Moreover, Joe's leadership has not only propelled businesses to achieve financial success but has also guided them towards sustainable growth, operational excellence, and a deep-seated culture of innovation.

Why choose to work with Joe? The answer lies in his unparalleled blend of experience, innovation, and results-driven strategies. Joe's journey through personal and professional challenges has equipped him with the empathy, resilience, and insight required to navigate today's complex business environment. His work with non-profits and for-profit organizations alike demonstrates a rare ability to adapt and thrive in diverse settings, from creative startups and service based business to brick-and-mortar retailers undergoing digital transformation.

Joe's track record speaks volumes: from guiding non-profit startups through incorporation and securing their 501c3 status to leading digital initiatives that have reshaped the online marketplace. His visionary leadership in the early days of the internet, coupled with his success in sports marketing and entertainment, showcases a forward-thinking approach to business strategy and marketing.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Joe is your ideal partner on your transformative journey. Whether you're looking to refine your strategy, amplify your digital presence, or scale your operations sustainably, Joe's expertise will be the catalyst for your growth.

A conversation with Joe.

If you'd like to talk with Joe about how he might be able to assist you, schedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute conversation to get to know Joe and who he is as a person. You will discuss what you do and a few of the challenges you currently face. Then you'll decide how to move forward.


To date, Joe has written three books focused on Entrepreneurs, SMB Owners, and The Business Startup Process. The books provide a no nonsense guide assisting individuals from the very first thought of an idea to launching and operating a business,


In his over 35 years of professional life Joe has managed a 9 figure P&l and over 200 employees in the corporate world and has personally founded 5 different businesses of his own. He sold two out right, cashed out of a third, walked away from one, and had a "successful failure" with the fifth.

A sense of responsibility drives Joe's sense of need for societal change. He is extremely passionate about three key areas: Providing a true second chance for the Justice Involved as the work to reenter society, Homelessness, and Hunger in America.

Social Activist

Joe's Orbit

Business Coaching & Education

Through his company Business Matters Success Solutions Joe provides Virtual Coaching, working to empower Entrepreneurs and SMB owners in reaching their personal business goals. In addition, through Business Matters Joe provides Digital Business Courses allowing individuals to gain business knowledge at their own pace.

Nonprofit Project Management

Another way Joe is able to have an impact on his community is by working with nonprofit organizations, assisting them with the development of their Vision and Mission direction, providing operational coaching and guidance in creating funding plans and presentations, and developing structured events for the benefit of the organization.

On his heart for years, Joe founded Sidre to focus on Justice Involved people who are trying to reenter society after dealing with their challenges. Sidre works in four areas: Business Education, Employment Services, A Safe-Space Online Community, and promoting Criminal Justice Reform.


A Conversation with Joe

Shedule a free, no-obligation 30-minute explatory conversation as a way to get to know Joe and who he is as a person. You will discuss what you do and a few of the challenges you currently face. Then you'll decide how to move forward.